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PLENTY Objectives

COMMUNITY – Build deep, working, and trusting relationships across neighborhoods by creating a large, joyful, citywide production together.

JOBS – Provide opportunities for local - visual, dance, music, word - artists to expand their practices, networks and visibility.

EQUITY – Consciously recruit artists from all ethnicities regardless of organizational or professional status, as a means of incubating talent, building confidence, and professional expertise.

EDUCATION – Seed the next generation of artists and equity oriented cultural leaders across a range of media. Generate a sense of pride, understanding, and future possibility for all K-12 students across Western New York by providing a free Educator Resource Guide that celebrates their own and the city’s abundant history of innovation, resourcefulness, and immigrant traditions.

ARTMAKING – Believes in “art as diplomacy” - as a safe, positive, participatory, conversation generating activity where respect, empathy, and connection can be nurtured. Art is a powerful tool for the transformation of society and individuals.